Infographic: 24 Ways to Promote Your Employee Discount Program

Posted by Brandon Carter on Oct. 3, 2017
People spend money on things they never use all the time.
  • Expensive china is an essential wedding gift and also an effective dust collector in most homes.
  • New Year's resolutions inspire many folks to invest in nice treadmills that they use a few times before becoming glorified laundry drying racks.
  • Rich guys can afford to buy a nice sports car and never drive it.

Employee benefits professionals have no such luxuries. Unused benefits and perks aren't just wasted dollars; they're wasted engagement and retention opportunities. A benefit without usage isn't really a benefit at all.New Call-to-action
Usage is especially essential for employee discount programs. When employees use them, they can save hundred of dollars and stretch the mileage from each paycheck.

But, that usage doesn't exactly happen on its own.

It takes effort, and a little bit of salesmanship on your behalf to get employees registered and redeeming.

The good news is you don't have to do it alone. In fact, most of the effort should come from your employee discount program vendor.

So what can you and your vendor to get the word out to employees and generate usage?

Check out this infographic we put together, illustrating an eclectic mix of creative ideas and standard best practices to generate usage. The first half offers specific ideas you can use in your on office, and the second half features ways your vendor should be prepared to help on your behalf.

For more tips and everything else you ever wanted to know about employee discount programs, be sure to download our new guide here.

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Employee Discount Program infographic.png

The best news? You can try anything. There are no limits to your creativity. Whatever it takes to get people in, make it happen.

Once employees log in to a discount program and see what's relevant to them, they'll be glad you made the effort.

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Brandon Carter

Written by Brandon Carter

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