Are Your Benefits Ready to Send Employees on a Disney Vacation?

Posted by Kendra Lusty on May. 26, 2021

In case you haven’t heard, Disneyland in Anaheim, California is now selling tickets in anticipation of welcoming out-of-state guests on June 15. Oo-de-lally! And for travelers wishing to stay near the park, the Disneyland Hotel plans to open July 2 with reduced capacity. 

This comes only 6 weeks after Disneyland broke its unprecedented year-long closure by opening to California residents on April 30, 2021.

For now, Disneyland operates at reduced capacity with restriction on indoor attractions, indoor dining and events that would make social distancing difficult.

It may be a while yet before the doors are open wide, but you can be sure that people everywhere are eagerly anticipating and planning for the day they can return to their favorite Disney parks.

Who else but Disney can inspire this kind of love? Parents save for years to share with their kids the attractions they loved most when they were young. Couples choose Disney for honeymoons, teens for senior trips, kids for birthdays, and people everywhere to celebrate milestones of all kinds. And one Texas man recently ran, not “coast to coast” but “from Disneyland to Walt Disney World” in the name of diabetes awareness.

We’re no different here at Access Perks; we love Disney. And we’re excited to share the news of coming attractions and exclusive magical savings to the happiest place on Earth.

Exciting Events Coming to Disney Parks

If nostalgia and Disney magic aren’t reason enough to rush back, Disney has announced some thrilling new attractions and events to sweeten the honeypot.

Web SlingersAvengers Campus opens June 4 in Disney California Adventure park. It will be the first ever Avengers themed attraction in the nation, with heroic guest appearances, an aerial stunt show, new dining and more. The all-new ride WEB Slingers uses Stark-worthy technology to track head, eye and hand movements so that riders feel like they are actually shooting webs out of their own hands in real time. 

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebrations begin Oct 1, 2021 and lasts a whopping 18 months. All four WDW parks will reveal special updates. The celebrations kick off with some exciting features like the new Remy's Ratatouille Adventure ride coming to Epcot, special lighting to make Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom sparkle with pixie dust, 50th anniversary costumes for Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and many more new reasons to visit, even if you’ve been before.

Don't Be Late For This Very Important Date

Walt Disney World parks and Disneyland are requiring reservations. That means guests must purchase tickets AND choose the dates of their vacation beforehand. No tickets will be sold at the gate. This is an important part of the safety protocol, as Disney enforces limited capacity.

What does this mean for guests? Well for one thing, it means that dates are rapidly selling out as they reach capacity. This is especially true as people book early for the special events listed above. Those looking to be first in line to new attractions will need to reserve soon, or risk missing out altogether.

New call-to-action

“The magic is back baby,” said Tracie Ellis, VP of partnership marketing at Access Development and resident expert on all things Disney. “And with the year we just had, who isn’t looking to inject some magic into their summer? We’re trying to spread the word so no one misses out on a much-needed vacation, and most especially so no one misses out on the money they can save on Disney tickets through Access.”

Ellis has been instrumental in maintaining the long relationship between Disney and Access that gives Access members unprecedented discounts—including one of the most exclusive discounts that Disneyland has to offer

Safety Precautions: Staying One Jump Ahead

Disney parks offer a more than few thrills: seemingly death-defying drops and breathtaking speeds await those who love roller coasters, and you might just spot a villain or two lurking around a corner. But one thing Disney doesn’t tolerate is real danger to guest or crew. It has proven its dedication to safety with enhanced precautions designed to ensure no one goes home with an unwanted viral souvenir.

After being closed for over a year since March of 2020, Disneyland (in Anaheim) is taking no chances. It reopened April 30 at 15% capacity, with plans to increase capacity as infection and vaccination rates improve in the county it calls home. The announcement to welcome out-of-state guests on June 15 is an exciting part of its phased reopening to many who have longed to return to the happiest place on Earth.

Other protocols include:

  • Masks required for all guests and cast members
  • Frequent sanitation stations and strict cleanliness protocols
  • Restrictions on parades, fireworks shows or events that attract crowds
  • Limited contact with cast members
  • No fastpass, MAX pass or single rider lines
  • Limited dining (outdoors only with encouraged mobile ordering)

For the most complete and current list of Disney’s health and safety measures, please visit the websites for Disneyland and Walt Disney World.


Spoonful of SugarIf these guidelines sound familiar, it’s because they’re the same precautions Walt Disney World in Florida has had in place since opening in the summer of 2020.


And if it feels like hard medicine to swallow, just remember how many spoonfuls of sugar Disney offers to help it go down: entertainment, fun, memories that will last a lifetime…

In fact, much of the travel industry has similar standards. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, attractions and more have all dedicated time and energy to ensure travelers reach their destinations and return home in a safe AND enjoyable manner.

Disney Discounts As An Employee Benefit

What does all this mean for businesses? Well for one thing, you can be pretty sure some of your employees are among those just counting down the days until their next Disney vacation.

Recent stats and our own data show a significant rise in travel bookings. In fact, experts are predicting a huge resurgence in travel this year. Currently, prices for flights, hotels, car rentals and more are down, which makes it an even more enticing time to book for those willing to plan ahead. But prices are predicted to rise in the coming months. Add to that the very real possibility of Disney tickets selling out—especially for highly anticipated events. Clearly all evidence suggests your workers will appreciate their discount travel benefits more now than ever.

And the golden crown that tops so many travel discount wish lists? Discounts on Disney parks tickets.

Disneyland banner with a learn more-1-1

We’ve been enjoying all the reassuring news regarding vaccination numbers, loosening restrictions and economic recovery. Your employees are likely already venturing out, seeking a new adventure. If you already offer travel benefits through Access Perks, being their hero is as easy as letting them know just how easy it would be to save on flights, hotels, destination restaurants, and of course, Disney tickets.

“Some businesses may hesitate to encourage their employees to travel,” said Ellis. “It’s understandable, especially since that’s been the recommendation for over a year. But this is where the magic of Disney shines yet again. Their dedication to health and wellbeing has assured many others that it’s safe to venture out once again.”

If your employee benefits feel a little lacking in the travel and entertainment department, consider this: people are constantly searching for more affordable ways to travel. That’s why the best employee discount programs include travel discounts: they are always in demand. They are a valuable tool for any business willing to offer travel benefits to their members, employees, customers, etc.

Interested in learning more? Contact your friendly neighborhood savings team at Access Perks for a tour of America’s largest employee discount program. Or, click to learn how your business can launch its own white label travel portal, complete with discounted theme park tickets.


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Kendra Lusty

Written by Kendra Lusty

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