The Ultimate HR Guide To Employee Burnout [Free E-Book]

The Ultimate HR Guide To Employee Burnout [Free E-Book]

Posted by Kendra Lusty on Jun. 20, 2024

Businesses are losing millions of dollars because of employee burnout and the resulting absenteeism, loss in productivity and the cost to replace those who quit. A new e-book can help employers know exactly what they're up against, and more importantly, learn strategies to bolster employee wellness and prevent burnout. About a 3 minute read.

Stress is at an All-Time High -- Businesses Are Paying the Price

Stress is bombarding Americans from every angle. The last few years have brought us rocketing inflation, the housing crisis, gun violence, the caregiver crisis, global conflicts and more than a few health crises.Burnout ebook download - profile - small - 400px

Without even knowing it, many workplaces are adding fuel to this destructive fire. Many employees clock in a second barrage of stress in the form on toxic management, unrealistic workloads, unequal treatment or fear of layoffs (to name a few).

When compounding stress completely exhausts one's emotional and physical energy, the result is called burnout. For HR professionals, employee burnout is a giant red flag signaling a drop in productivity and morale. 

The bad news is, this beast of a problem is yours to manage in the workplace. The great news is, there is a lot you can do to help mitigate employee stress so that it never reaches the point of burnout in the first place. How?

We can answer question in three words: employee wellness initiatives.

With a topic this large and complex, we wouldn't blame you if you'd like a bit more explanation than that. Don't worry, we've also prepared a longer answer in the form of a new e-book, available for free download just in time for mental health awareness month.

Make Employee Wellness a Priority

Supporting holistic wellness means helping employees maintain a sense of wellbeing in all areas of their life. That's because people feel whole when they are at full health mentally, physically, financially, socially, morally...

Supporting the health of employees in any/all of these areas is not only empathetic, it's good business.

Employee wellness initiatives are your greatest defense against burnout. Even more, they're a clear path toward your most important HR goals like employee engagement, employee retention, recruitment and more. 

Free E-Book Reveals Strategies for Preventing Employee Burnout

At Access, we're passionate about employee wellness. We've studied at length topics like the importance of promoting employee vacations, how to achieve optimal work-life balance, why wallet wellness matters to employees, how to spot a bad manager and more.

Here's one thing we've learned with certainty: burnout in your workforce is a clear sign you have some work to do supporting employee wellness.

the ultimate HR guide to employee burnout

You can start by downloading this free e-book: An HR Guide to Employee Burnout Management. Inside, we answer the questions:

  • What is Burnout vs. What is “Just” Stress?
  • Why is Burnout so Bad?
  • Who is at Risk for Employee Burnout?
  • How Common is Employee Burnout?
  • What Does Employee Burnout Cost?
  • What Causes Employee Burnout?
  • How to Deal with Employee Burnout?
  • Where to Start in Preventing Burnout?

You'll also learn about the most dangerous workplace behaviors that worsen employee stress. More importantly, you'll learn our favorite strategies to eliminate unnecessary workplace stress and help to compensate for the stressors plaguing your employees (even the ones that seem outside your control).

As connoisseurs of employee discount programs, we know firsthand how much of a difference they can make to employees feeling financial stress. Here's a preview of what you'll find inside the book, our favorite strategy for combatting burnout:

Bolster Employee Paychecks with Everyday Discounts & Lifestyle Benefits

Of the 72% of employees who are stressed about finances, 77% say it’s affecting their mental health and 52% that it’s impacting their physical health. Right now, rising inflation is the top concern, followed by not having enough retirement and/or emergency savings, and then the stress of paying off debt.

Contrary to what many people think, financial stress is sky high among all income brackets, even those making more than $100K a year. Experts estimate these financially stressed employees could be spending 3+ working hours per week worrying about or dealing with personal finance issues.

Now more than ever, people are turning to their employers to solve their financial woes. Fortunately for employers, help doesn’t have to come in the form of a pay raise to be effective. That’s because personal finance involves money coming in and money going out. Employee discount programs – particularly those with high-value discounts on everyday necessities – are a popular solution that is also cost-effective to the employer and can make a huge difference in an employee’s wallet.

Whatever you choose to do about employee burnout, the time to start is now. Every step toward a holistically healthy workforce is a step toward the benefits that come from having a positive workplace culture: creativity, productivity, profitability, etc. And there's no better way to help you plot a path forward than a fuller understanding of the problem.

In other words, knowledge is power. Download yours here.

Build a burnout-resistant workforce with strategies from our new e-book

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