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You Can’t Spell HERO Without HR

The workforce is buried in COVID-19 as organizations struggle to stay afloat. HR Heroes are suited up and saving their people now more than ever.

The race to acquire, engage and retain employees is as intense as ever. To help guide you through, we've put together relevant data about employee...

Looking for information on employee retention and benefits? Check out our collection of employee engagement and loyalty statistics.

Here you'll find pertinent data gathered in the area of employee benefits and perks, with links back to original sources.

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You Can’t Spell HERO Without HR

The workforce is buried in COVID-19 as organizations struggle to stay afloat. HR Heroes are suited up and saving their people now more than ever.

How to Beat Stress in the Workplace (Because it’s Draining...

More workers than ever are stressed at work and it costs time and money. Keep employee anxiety at bay with these helpful strategies.

Parental Burnout in the Workplace: 8 Ways to Make Yours...

With responsibilities at home and in the office, parents have a lot to juggle. Here are 8 ways organizations can support the moms and dads on their payroll.

2020 Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics

We're gathering the most recent data on employee engagement and loyalty as it comes out in 2020, complete with links back to original sources.

The Discounts Employees Want (Based on What They Buy)

The best employee discounts are those that make a real difference. Here we break down consumer shopping habits to determine which deals matter most.

Why Some Employees Stay, And Others Leave (Infographic)

Why do some employees stay with a company for years while others leave? And what are the pros and cons of each? Check out this information-packed infographic.

Is Work-Life Balance Important? - 3 Ways to Promote It

Learn more about the value of a healthy work-life balance for your employees and what you can do to encourage it.

Why Physical Wellness Matters at Work and How To Promote it...

Healthy employees are often happier, more productive and contribute more on the job. Read 10 ways to encourage healthy living at your organization.

The Caregiving Crisis in the Workplace: What It Is and How...

An alarming number of employees are quitting their jobs to care for aging relatives. Others are stressed trying to balance their job and family. We've gathered tips to support them here.

The Employee Benefits and Perks Learning Library

A collection of free eBooks, infographics, articles, and more about the topics of employee benefits and engagement, courtesy of Access Perks.

Employee Retention - 10 Reasons for Workplace Turnover and...

Find out why employees leave and how to make them stay.

The Most Common Traits Among Companies with High Employee...

Employee engagement can't be purchased or rigged. It's earned through a company-wide culture and these essential elements.

Employee Turnover: 5 Reasons Employees Are Dumping Their...

Employee turnover is the highest it's been in a decade, leaving many frustrated employers to figure out what is making their top talent walk away.

What To Do When Employees Complain About Their Benefits...

What do you say when an employee complains about how expensive their benefits are? Here's how to proactively fend off these comments, and keep costs manageable.

Seven Examples of Companies Maximizing Low Cost, High-Value...

Effective employee perks don't have to be expensive or lavish. Check out these examples any business can implement.

2020 Open Enrollment: 10 Tips for HR Professionals

Open enrollment season is one of the busiest times of the year for HR professionals. Here are 10 tips to help yours go a little smoother.

8 Simple Workplace Wellness Ideas

Mental wellness, physical wellness, wallet wellness, relationship wellness. It's all about making our workplace a happy, healthy place where employees thrive. Here are a few tips to help do just that.

‘Tis The Season of Open Enrollment. Our Gift to You? One...

2020 Open Enrollment is just around the corner and we've got a killer deal for organizations looking to beef up their benefits.

Free Employee Discount Programs: 10 Secrets You Should Know

It's hard to deny the appeal of free employee discount programs, but these programs can ultimately prove costly for your business and employees.

Employee Benefits Trends: What to Expect in 2020

What benefits and perks will mean the most to employees in 2020? We've broken it down into five simple categories.

20 Unique Corporate Perks (and Why Your Organization Needs...

In a tight war for talent, employers are using benefits to help attract and retain top talent. Here are 20 enchanting corporate perks you may want to consider.

Gen X in the Workplace: Hitting the Jackpot with America’s...

Gen X is arguably the workforce's most valuable cohort. They're motivated and experienced. But too many of them might be slipping through the cracks.

Creating Better Workplaces: SHRM 2019 Expo Recap

SHRM's 2019 Expo is in the books and it was one worth remembering. Here's a quick look at what you may have missed.

Kick Off Summer With Some Disney Magic From Access Perks

Let Access Perks bring magic to your employees with enchanting savings at their favorite Disney parks.

How To Promote Employee Benefits: 12 Channels To Get The...

Our HR Director, Lisa Oyler, shares tips and strategies for promoting employee benefits and shares a little insight regarding why it matters SO much.

The Six Principles of Engaging and Retaining Restaurant and...

Restaurants and retailers are known for turnover, which hurts the customer experience. These 6 ideas form the basis for hiring and keeping employees.

Bridging the Workplace Generational Gap (When Tom Brady...

Boomers, Gen Y, Millennials, iGen. The workforce is a multi-generational melting pot. Read a few ways companies are bridging the gap and why it matters.

How to Win Over Gig Workers and Why it Matters

Freelancers are taking over the economy. What does that mean for HR and their hiring, retention, and engagement efforts with employees?

Inside the Access Perks Employee Discount Program Mobile App

Take a look inside the Access Perks mobile app to see how easy it is to save with our employee discount program.

Cleaning Up Your Corporate Culture (with 8 Simple Questions)

A company's culture impacts not just employee well-being but trickles all the way down to the customer experience. Ask yourself these 8 questions to determine the health of your organization's culture.

Why Grown-Up Millennials Still Struggle and What Savvy...

Millennials are all grown up. Some are more than a decade into their career and theoretically should be settled and financially secure. Instead, many are neck-deep in financial turmoil. Here's why.

Why Employee Vacations are SOOOO Good for Business and How...

Data shows that vacationing is not only good for employees on a personal level, it's great for the company too. Read just what a little time away can do and how employers can maximize its benefits.

2019 Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics

We're gathering the most recent data on employee engagement and loyalty as it comes out in 2019, complete with links back to original sources.

2019 Employee Benefits and Perks Statistics

2019 is sure to have some interesting things in store in the world of employers and employees. Here you'll find valuable research and data about employee benefits and perks.

Employee Benefits: Why Usage Matters

A company can have all the awesome employee benefits in the world, but it's for naught if employees aren't encouraged to utilize them.

Why Employee Discount Programs Work: From One HR...

I know what it’s like trying to get employees excited about their benefits, and why employee discount programs are such an advantage to my HR strategy.

Employee Discount Programs Revealed: 10 Critical Questions...

Comparing employee discount programs for your business? Don't be fooled by impostors. Find out the 10 most critical questions to ask before you decide.

Employee Benefits and Perks Statistics - The Ultimate...

Here you'll find pertinent data gathered in the area of employee benefits and perks, with links back to original sources.

Millennial Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics: The...

What do Millennials look for in a workplace? What makes them productive? Find these answers and more with this Millennial employee engagement stats collection.

Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics: The Ultimate...

Looking for information on employee retention and benefits? Check out our collection of employee engagement and loyalty statistics.

2018 Employee Benefits and Perks Statistics

Employee benefits and perks have never played a more significant role in the workplace. To keep up-to-date on the subject, we're collecting relevant facts about employee benefits and perks.

2018 Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics

The race to acquire, engage and retain employees is as intense as ever. To help guide you through, we've put together relevant data about employee engagement and retention released in 2018.

Make the Holidays Sweeter for Employees by Connecting Them...

The holiday season brings opportunities aplenty for employees to connect a little deeper with their community. Here are a few simple (yet important) ways employers can make it more meaningful.

Why Mental Health Matters to All Employers (including...

A quick look at why so many organizations are placing high priority on the mental wellness of their employees.

How To Help Employees Stretch Their Take-Home Pay (and why...

Many workers are pinching pennies now more than ever. Here are some affordable ways companies are helping paychecks stretch a little further.

Unemployment Rate Drops to 50-Year Low

For the first time in history, there are more open jobs than workers to fill them. Find out what this means for your hiring and retention efforts and what you can do to keep your top talent on board.

2019 Employee Benefits Costs: 10 Ways to Combat Rising...

Organizations of all sizes are getting creative in how they're keeping costs down and fortifying their employee benefits package in the wake of growing health care prices.

2019 Employee Benefits Costs: 10 Reasons Why Rates Will...

We've compiled data from industry experts to help determine the causes behind ever-increasing medical costs.

2019 Employee Benefits Costs: Rates Going Up... Again

Health Insurance Rates are headed up again in 2019. Employers are feeling the crunch as they come up with strategies to lessen the pain of the hike for their employees.

Employee Disengagement: What it Costs and How to Steer Clear

Is employee disengagement draining your bottom line? Take a look at just how costly it can be and discover strategies for avoiding it.

My Oh My, What a Wonderful Deal from Disneyland Resort

After a brief hiatus, Disneyland® Resort is back in the Access Perks network, and the offer (and employee experience) is better than ever.

Report: ‘Soft Perks’ Gain Momentum Among Top Performing...

So-called "soft perks" and company-culture benefits are now among the top influences in driving job satisfaction, according to Employee Benefits Advisor.

Five Reasons EVERY Company Should Invest in Financial...

Financial wellness benefits are a growing method to help employees stretch paychecks and lessen financial stress, freeing them to bring their best efforts to their jobs.

5 Reasons Why Financial Wellness Benefits are Worth Your...

Financial wellness benefits are becoming more common, but they're more valuable - and have a higher return - than you might think.

A Short Guide to Creating Incredible Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are a great way to measure engagement and gather ideas for benefits and perks. Here's a quick guide on surveys, and why you may not need them.

Five Ways to Conquer the January Doldrums and Energize Your...

After the fun of the holidays, getting back to work in January can be a drag for employees. Here's how your business can re-energize them for the year ahead.

The 2017 Access Perks Year in Review

Employee discount program provider Access Perks had a majorly successful 2017. Check out this recap to read all about it and see what's in store for 2018.

Five Ways to Drive Excitement for Your Health and Wellness...

To get employees involved in your health and wellness benefits, focus on what's in it for them and make it worth their (on the clock) time!

The Real Value of "Best Places to Work" Awards (And Why...

Are workplace recognition awards really worth pursuing? They take a lot of effort, but win or lose, the effort is almost always worth it. Here;s why.

How to Turn Your Workplace into a Stress-Free Zone

During the holiday season, work/life balance can be upended by stress from outside the office. Here's how to create a productive, calm setting for your team.

Why Health and Wellness Benefits Are Your Best Investment

Studies show that healthier employees don't just reduce costs - they're more productive, happier, and maybe your company's best resource.

Forget "Butts in Seats" - Send Sick Workers Home

3 million employees come to work sick weekly, leading to billions in lost productivity and illness. While butts in seats is important, so are healthy employees.

Use These Five Strategies to Guarantee Employee Discount...

Employee discount programs are a fun benefit, but making them work takes effort from both the employer and the vendor. Find success with these strategies.

The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Employee Discount...

Even employee discount programs come with fine print and complicated terms. Ask every vendor these important questions before you buy!

What Problems do Employee Discount Programs Solve?

What can your business expect from an employee discount program? Besides helping employees save money, it can help solve these common business problems.

Infographic: 24 Ways to Promote Your Employee Discount...

Adding an employee discount program isn't enough. You must promote it to generate usage and excitement. Use these 24 tips to help your employees save hundreds.

A Deep Look Into the World of Employee Discount Programs

A new guide from Access Perks goes in-depth into employee discount programs, including the costs, benefits, success measures, and more.

Access Perks Basics: What to do When a Merchant Won't...

Merchants may not always recognize their own coupons and offers when you try to redeem them. This is what Access Perks members need do in that situation.

9 Ways Your Benefits and Perks are Actually Crushing the...

Simply having benefits isn't enough to keep workers happy and productive. Check out this list of common benefits mistakes that might be doing lots of damage.

12 Employee Perks that Build Trust and Camaraderie

Employees who feel connected to coworkers are happier, more productive, and easier to retain. Here's how to make camaraderie part of your employee benefits.

How to Reward Employee Performance & Build Brand Identity...

It's possible to build your public-facing brand by doing more for your employees. Here's how.

How to Discover Your Next Incredible Employee Perk

With employee retention a major challenge, HR pros have an opportunity to enhance their benefits. Here's a guide to finding and evaluating which perks will fit.

2017 Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics

Every relevant piece of data about employee engagement and benefits released in 2017, with links back to original sources.

How to Pick the Right Voluntary Benefits

Tight employee benefits budgets are forcing companies to offer more voluntary benefits. But which ones should you add? Here are four criteria to consider.

Why You Should Get Picky with Your Voluntary Benefits...

With a low price tag and infinite options, it's tempting to add dozens of voluntary benefit options to your employee benefits. Here's why that's a bad idea.

8 Data-Backed Ways Employee Benefits Impact Your Bottom Line

In this competitive working environment, benefits are as important as ever. Here are eight stats that show how those benefits and perks help your bottom line.

Welcome to the Tipping Point in the War for Talent

A number of factors are combining to make it harder than ever to acquire and retain quality talent. Here's what's happening, and how you can thrive.

What Can Employee Discount Programs Do? (Case Study)

What do employee discount programs actually do to help employers engage and retain their employees? Check out this current example.

10 Ways Your Employee Benefits are Actually Hurting Your...

Employee benefits and perks are a great way to stand out from the crowd. But simply having them isn't enough - check out these common mistakes companies make.

How Adding Powerful Value to Your Employees Builds...

Employees change jobs for money but they stay for total value. Here's what that value is made of, and how you can keep more employees by adding more of it.

Individual Development Plans: A Powerful Addition to Your...

Individual development plans, or IDPs, are a low-cost, high-value addition to your employee benefits. Learn about how to make a great one here.

What Would You Do With More Budget for Your Benefits?

What would you do if you were given extra budget to spend on employee benefits? Take our simple survey and share your thoughts.

How Employee Perks Can Maximize Productivity in...

Some jobs are always going to have high turnover. Here's how your employee perks and benefits can help you get the best performance from these employees.

Access Perks Basics: How to Recommend a Retailer

We love it when users suggest a merchant they'd like to see on our employee discount program. Here'sa tutorial explaining how to do it.

How Employee Perks Can (and Should) Enhance The Employee...

Employee perks are an important part of an overall employee experience. Here's how to make sure your perks are aligning with your goals and delivering results.

A Simple Guide to Understanding and Creating Great Employee...

What is an Employee Experience, and how can your business create one that builds engagement and revenue? Check out this guide for a quick overview.

Access Perks Basics: Discovering Your Savings tab

Here's how to use your Access Perks employee discount program app to track how much money you've saved and which deals you've redeemed.

Five Ways to Promote Your Employee Perks Like a Sales Pro

The more usage your employee perks and benefits see, the better off your employees will be. Here's how you can drive more usage and excitement in your company.

Access Perks Basics: Using the Access Perks mobile app to...

Here's how to your the Access Perks Employee Discount Program Mobile App to find and redeem offers nearby.

Why You Should Put 9-5 to Bed and Adjust Your Office Hours

Science shows that not every brain functions best from 8-5. We explain why, and how you can adjust your office to extract even more productivity from employees.

How to Make an Undeniable Case for a New Employee Benefit

Here's how to make a slam dunk pitch for a new employee benefit.

Can Employee Perks Make Up for a Crummy Culture? (Kind of.)

Are your employees a mismatch for your company culture? You may be able to help smooth things out with the right selection of benefits and perks.

How HR Can Help Build a Customer-Centric Workforce

A customer-centric culture relies on human resources far more than you might think.

Access Perks Basics: How to download and register for the...

Here's a tutorial on how to find, download, and register your Access Perks employee discount program mobile app.

These Benefits Can Help Your Employees Reduce Financial...

Financial stress is a growing problem that's affecting employees. Here's how your benefits can help mitigate the effects (without adding a lot of costs).

How to Help Your Remote Employees Feel Part of the Team

Jen McKenzie shares why it's so important to keep your remote employees connected to your team, and how to do it.

Five Traits of an Effective Flexible Working Arrangement

Most employees want to be able to work when they want, where they want. Here's how to enable such a flexible arrangement without jeopardizing productivity.

The Five Signs of an Employee Benefit that Needs to be Cut

When is the best time to get rid of an employee benefit? Use these five criteria to evaluate your benefits and perks and see which ones should go.

Should You Add That Employee Benefit? A Guide to Selecting...

Before you pull the trigger on a new employee perk, take a few minutes to go over this guide to figure out if it's truly a fit for your employees.

How to Promote Employee Health and Wellness on a Skinny...

Every organization could use some help with employee health and wellness. Here's how to get your program started with little to no budget.

Stress is the Biggest Threat to Employee Engagement and...

Stress from outside the office is quickly becoming the biggest threat to productivity inside the office. Here's why, and how to help employees fight it.

Six Employee Benefit Trends You Can Take Advantage of Right...

In the midst of much uncertainty over ACA and FLSA, employee benefits professionals still have massive trends and movements they can take advantage of right now

How Your Company Can Help Employees Keep Their New Year's...

Companies lose billions of dollars due to unhealthy employees. Here's how every company can help employees keep their bold New Year's Resolutions.

Five Critical Tasks to Complete After Open Enrollment

Even though open enrollment is over, now is no time to relax. Make sure you complete these five important tasks before next year's open enrollment comes.

2016 Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics

Every relevant piece of data about employee engagement and loyalty released in the year 2016

Five Employee Engagement and Benefits Resolutions to Make...

Economic and technological changes are making it harder to keep and engage employees. Be proactive with these five HR resolutions to take in 2017.

How to Minimize Smartphone Distraction at the Workplace

As important as push notifications are to building app engagement with consumers, they're harmful in the workplace setting. Here's how to minimize disruption.

The Risks and Rewards of Corporate Holiday Gifts and Bonuses

Corporate holiday gifts are a great opportunity to build employee engagement, but when done improperly, they can actually be damaging.

How to Remove an Employee Benefit (and Avoid Mutiny)

Employee benefits are fun to add, but painful to take away. Here's how you can do it without causing an employee mutiny or jeopardizing employee engagement.

What's an Employer Brand, and Why is it Important?

An employer brand is important in defining how each company treats and rewards employees. Here's how to help define yours, and why it's so important to own it.

How Do Your Employees Spend Their Money? (Free Webinar)

Most of the money your employees earn goes to taxes and bills. But the rest is spent very close to home...

Two Years of Employee Engagement & Loyalty Stats, Summarized

We curated over two years worth of employee engagement and loyalty data. These are the five big takeaways we learned.

How to Shed HR's Grim Reaper Reputation

Many employees see HR as the Grim Reaper, the department that disciplines and terminates. It's not fair - and here's how to rebrand your HR efforts.

The Unsung Traits of Engaged Employees That Pay Off for...

Engaged employees have an ROI with customer engagement, but their value doesn't end there. See the other ways employee engagement has a huge ROI for companies.

Are Engaged, Long-Term Employees Too Expensive?

Some think engaged, long-term employees are too expensive. In reality, the costs of not having engaged employees is what's really going to hurt your business.

Employees Work for Money; Here's What Makes Them Excel

Your employees work for money. But to increase productivity and create regular engagement, they need this extra, cheap, and simple element.

Why Your Employees are Taking Home Less Money (and What...

Thanks to stagnant wages and rising health care premiums, the typical US employee is taking home as much as 25% less than they were a decade ago.

The One Really Obvious Benefit You're NOT Giving Employees

What's an incredibly valuable and super low-cost benefit that your employees would kill to have but you're not allowing? Learn about it here.

Productivity Breakdown: The Pomodoro Approach to Working

Looking for a system that helps employees find the right balance between life and work? Try the Pomodoro Technique.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Employees (And Your...

Want to see employee engagement and retention take off? Empower your employees to do their jobs and trust their judgment - then see what happens.

Why Your Workplace Isn't Just for Work

Do foosball tables, blood drives, and water coolers help get work done? Actually, these and other non-work activities are critical to productivity & engagement.

The Essential Elements of a Great Employee Benefits Partner

HR shouldn't have to go it alone. Treat benefits brokers and vendors as partners to create the best possible benefits interaction for your employees.

The Customer Comes First? No, the Employee Does

The old adage of "The customer comes first" is actually wrong. Employees come first. Here's why.

What is the Definition of Employee Engagement? And Why is...

Employee engagement is a fairly new concept, but it's quickly become a key differentiator between businesses that thrive and those that fail.

Forget Lavish Benefits; These are the Corporate Perks...

While some companies are pouring millions into lavish corporate perks, long term loyalty is going to those focusing on solving real problems for their employees

Employee Loyalty is Good for Business. Is it Good for the...

Everyone knows employee loyalty is great for the company. It isn't always so great for the employee, however. Here's how to make sure loyalty goes both ways.

Access Perks Shares the Value of Employee Discount Programs...

Access Perks is proud to be an exhibitor at SHRM 2016. Stop by booth #1343 to learn how an employee discount program can save employees hundreds of dollars.

The Most Important Goal of Employee Onboarding (and How to...

Employee onboarding is important, but most companies fail to truly achieve one critical goal that's important to each employee's long-term success.

Why Cultural Fit is More Important Than Ability in Hiring

If employee engagement is important to you, here's why you should always hire for cultural fit instead of pure ability.

From the Mailroom to the Boardroom: How to Become an...

Could an employee rise from entry level to CEO in your organization? Here's why growth opportunities are so essential to employee engagement.

Better Deals from the Best Brands - Your Employee Discount...

Access Perks has improved the quality of brands and offers on our network by introducing a new feature that protects merchants and improves redemption.

Introducing the New Access Perks Employee Engagement Blog

Introducing the new Access Perks Blog. Subscribe today for the latest news and trends impacting employee engagement, retention, benefits and more!

The Close Ties Between Employee Benefits and Confidence

Employee benefits are important to the confidence and engagement of employees - and therefore important to the bottom line.

Millennials and Compensation: An Infographic

Compensation is an important part of employee happiness, but as this infographic shows, Millennials see compensation as more than just salary.

Employee Engagement: The Value of Face-to-Face Interaction

More employees are wanting flexible work arrangements, but to maintain employee engagement, elements of "old school" offices need to be maintained.

“It was Harder Back in My Day!” - Understanding the...

Think Millennial employees don't have it hard? Based on historical data, their circumstances may be harder than what previous generations overcame.

Engaging Millennial Employees for Customer Loyalty (Free...

Employee engagement has a strong effect on customer engagement. As Millennials take over the office, engaging them is critical to customer loyalty.

4 Dramatic Shifts in the Workplace That Will Positively...

After a generation of sagging employee engagement, many companies are shifting how they treat their people.

4 Employee Engagement Lessons from the New York Times'...

Here are four employee engagement takeaways you need to know from the New York Times' Amazon Article

The Illusion of Unlimited PTO & What It Means to You

Netflix made waves last week with an year-long parental leave policy. It's a bit of a mirage - but one that will make employees happier.

What Does “Discover the Difference” Mean in Employee...

Not all employee discount programs are created the same. Access Perks highlights several of the key differences HR pros need to look for.

What Millennials Want (In the Workplace): Employee Perks

Less than 1/3 of employees feel valued by their organizations. Employee perks can go a long way toward engaging Millennials and every other employee.

What Millennials Want (In the Workplace): Better...

When it comes to the workplace, having a comfortable, friendly environment is important to Millennial employees.

What Millennials Want (in the Workplace): The Comforts of...

Millennials are attached to their smartphones and other modern technology. That technology can be of great benefit to your business.

What Millennials Want (in the Workplace): Something...

Millennials want their work life to feel as comfortable as their home life. That's going to require a change in office culture for most places.

What Millennials Want (In the Workplace): Opportunity

Millennials crave opportunities to succeed - a trait businesses should be harnessing.

What Millennials Want (In the Workplace): Good Business

If they want to engage Millennials, employers need socially responsible and ethical policies.

What Millennials Want (in the Workplace): More Compensation

Millennial employees are like any generation in that they want to be compensated fairly. The good news is they're open to what "compensation" means.

What Millennials Want (in the Workplace): More Flexibility

In the first of a new series of what Millennials want from an employer, we look at their desire for flexibility.

How to Help Employees Win in the New Work/Life Era

The era of work/life balance is over, and the two are now inseparable. The only way to keep employees from burning out is to help them "win."